Harry Harrison offers a comprehensive service to artists wishing to embark on any small or large scale recording or video projects. Artists can be supported fully or in part through any stage of their production; composition, arrangement, lyrics, recording, video and  session musicians.

Testimonial from Lance Brake – guitarist

“I found Harry to understand intuitively where I was coming from and I never felt I was loosing creative control. He made my music sound better than I ever could have imagined and at an affordable cost to an amateur!”  – Lance Brake

Hotel Redemption – Lance Brake

Where Souls Meet – Lance Brake

Testimonial from Justine S – songwriter/sax/flute/keyboards

“I was amazed that Harry could create such an awesome video on a limited budget! We shot it all in one day and it wasn’t that stressful at all 🙂 Having a video has helped promote my music greatly.”